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WHAT WILL YOU SAY TO YOUR CHILDREN? Did you know that in 2016, over 40 MILLION Evangelicals chose to NOT VOTE. This isn’t hype. It’s a stone cold fact and the shameful truth. Here’s another stone cold fact, and a truth that will be verifiable after November 3rd. of next month: IF THIS HAPPENS AGAIN – IF MILLIONS of Christians don’t vote next month we will have lost our country to Marxism, and we will lose, irreversibly, irretrievably, our religious freedom. This isn’t hype. It’s a horrible truth that will become America’s reality if Christians DO again, what over 40 million DID four years ago, and DON'T vote. If this happens, and you are asked by your children and grandchildren later what you did to prevent the overthrow or our Republic and our individual freedom, are you ready to answer: "I was too busy,“ or “I was too upset, disgusted with it all," or, "I didn't like the political position of Biden, but I didn't like President Trump's tone,”— So I didn’t even bother to vote in an effort to prevent the disastrous situation that is now irreversible for our country and for your future."

Vote next month, and do everything you can to make sure others vote. Also, insist that pastors encourage congregations to vote. Don’t just assume or hope that they’ll do it. The question is worth posing — If pastors don’t have enough common sense or can’t demonstrate responsibility to do this much, how much of a sense of responsibility or plain common sense should they be expected to have in any other area, spiritual or otherwise? If you do have a pastor who has been, and is, urging people to vote, be sure and thank him for this personally, and do it publicly if you can before November 3rd. (Share this as much as you can).


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