In the 19th century pastor, university president and evangelist, Charles Grandison Finney was the most

popular preacher in America. Addressing a large assembly of ministers, he echoed the sentiments held by America’s ministers since the colonial period; sentiments with which all honest people, well educated in the Bible and in America’s history, will agree. His words lay fairly on the line who deserves at least most of the blame for the ongoing moral and political collapse of America:  

                      Brethren, our preaching will bear its legitimate fruits.

If immorality prevails in the land, the fault is ours in a great degree.

If there is a decay of conscience, the pulpit is responsible...

This is the first of three articles committed to showing some of what Scripture teaches about mentoring. First, we will look at recognizing the need for a mentor; second, at recognizing the mentor(s) for the need; and third, we will look at practical instruction for both the mentor and student.

Recognizing The Need For A Mentor

A church planter in Nova Scotia said something to me several years ago, and I have not forgotten it. He said “Men who think they know everything can't learn anything”. That is a great quote, mainly because it is a biblical truth. Proverbs 12:15 contrasts a wise man who is willing to receive instruction with a fool who thinks he doesn't need any. Before we can even begin to mentor or train others, we must first be aware of the ne...

Isn’t it a blessing to hear the birds chirping in the morning, the fresh mountain air rushing through the trees, musical instruments, a wonderful choir signing, or the voices of happy children? There is a population here in America and around the world that cannot hear those things, and more importantly cannot hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a service, on a radio or on a T.V. It would be a shame if their first opportunity to hear, would be these words, “Depart from me I never knew you.” How are the Deaf people to be reached, you may ask? Deaf ministries and Deaf churches is the answer....

Someone wrote, “As a rule, there is more wisdom in holding up the right than in denouncing the wrong. Doubtless the latter must sometimes be done; but he who makes denunciation the staple of his preaching, makes a mistake. Often, the only way to reprove error, is to plant the truth beside it and then quietly let it grow.” I found this quote among some of my notes the other day. I don’t know where it came from, I failed to make a note of that. What I do know is that these words, should be read, pondered, taken to heart, and perhaps inscribed on the fly leaf of many a preacher’s Bible.

A popular song of years gone by advised the listener to:

“Accentuate the positive,

and negate the negative,

latch on to the affirmative,

spread joy up to the maximum,

bring gl...

Can a movie like Star Wars make a Christian become a Buddhist just by watching it? Is it dangerous? Let's answer these questions rationally.

For too long, Christian people have made the decision to disengage from political discourse in stark contrast to everything the Bible teaches us about stewardship of what God has given us.  In Luke 19, we’re told, “occupy till I come.” According to the Merriam-Webster's definition, occupy means to engage our attention and energy, to take or hold possession, to fill or perform the functions of something.  Whether it's taking ownership and responsibility of our families or taking responsibility for the nation God gave us, Christians should be occupying. The Bible teaches Christian people to be good stewards over our families, finances, etc. but for some reason when it comes to politics, too many believers think we need to back off and let the chips fal...

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